Operating media, management, & property companies in the UK

Established in 2018, Nibble was originally founded with the intention to provide restaurateurs and hoteliers with marketing support, alongside being able to provide insightful tips and advice. Our team are experts in their field, with over 20 years across multiple business sectors including operational experience in globally recognised hotels, high-volume restaurants and bars, nightclubs, and numerous public houses across the UK; so, we know the hospitality sector inside-out. However, the company’s growth has also meant its client base has expanded beyond the hospitality industry and Nibble. now provides its services to businesses of all descriptions.

Fast forward five years, Nibble. now operates in multiple sectors including Media, Management, Property, and Interiors, which means we can support companies with everything from creative content and strategic communications, hospitality venue operations, commercial refurbishments, and commercial and residential property management.


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